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thank you email to influencers

If you are looking for influencers that have experience in the best email marketing practices and are willing to share their insights, check out this list of 75 best email marketing influencers … Again, you just want to remind them that you are following up with them as per their request. Letter Form – Influence letters should be … When you’re compiling content that is very rich and text-heavy, you will likely become eager to get it published and pushed out as soon as possible. We also knew we wanted to target content marketers looking to optimize their content for SEO. @iqseo usually you can spot sweet people in advance… but if you come across a diva, forget and move on! You’re not done yet. I know you're very selective about the companies you work with, that's why I only wanted to reach out to you … When all is said and done, building long-term relationships with your influencers will always be better for you, your brand, and possibly even the influencer. Research the person you are outreaching to and make your pitch personal. After setting an appointment over the phone: “Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the … If we could get ahold of such insights, we would have a piece of really useful and actionable content that plenty of marketers would love to get their hands on. I added all of these influencers into a spreadsheet where I tracked their names, companies and websites, any relevant blog posts and articles, and of course their email addresses. Weeks (and tons of pitches) passed before I realized that my approach needs to change. This email (or DM) template ideally compliments them on some of their … Naturally, not everyone will be as endearing and polite as Guy Kawasaki right off the bat. They’re not necessarily there just for you. For example, emails can be more lengthy and detailed than DMs. I plan for this campaign to take x long and stay active for y long. Build up their anticipation and then contact them again when the content is ready. For me, every tip I successfully acquired from an influencer was like getting a powerup or a gold coin! You can search either by audience or influencer with the option to narrow your search based on a variety of demographics. You can even get another approved pitch if you continue the conversation instead of disappearing after you get what you want from the influencer. A short and sweet personal email thanking an influencer … The poll also showed that influencer marketing was rated the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel (and it can also be one of the cheapest if you use the right strategies). You can have them help you influence on YouTube, Snapchat, or even Instagram. Keep your subject line vague enough to peak interest, but try to address the person by name right off the bat so that it still comes off as personal. In fact, the business management expert at Ask a Manager advises sending email thank-you notes instead of handwritten ones after job interviews and other business-related correspondences.. So, if you are lucky and your subject line catches the blogger’s attention, the core of an email must be twice as good to persuade him/her to cooperate. Tell them why you want their endorsement. And overall, just don’t be a burden to them. As much as all of us would love to have Elon Musk as an influencer, he doesn’t quite fit the “micro” bill here. This blueprint involves seven key elements that you can apply to any outreach letter. I like to use the traditional SMART methodology. Make sure you thank them for helping the other users out there, not just your particular brand … Within an hour of sending out the first batch of emails, we already had over 200 social shares. I plan to spend $x on research, design, and distribution. Below are two examples of my follow-up emails. You need to show them how committed you are to getting their attention. The questions we would be asking each influencer were: If we could get 50 different views and responses from these two questions, we could definitely create a guide that would help a lot of people out. I catch my Twitter alerts in there from time to time. To respond to a thank you email, let them know you appreciate the sentiment by writing something like “You’re welcome” or “I appreciate your note.” If you’re answering a work colleague, tell them that you enjoyed doing the task they’re thanking you for, which will set you … But, that email thank-you needs to stand out even more than a mailed thank you letter because it lands in a deluge of email for most of us. That’s thousands of more eyes and a positive review from a leader of a small online community, which is worth its weight in gold. In the email remind them of the study and include a link. We found quite a bit of crossover between lists. Instead of treating this like networking, try to build a relationship. What’s more, they also found that 82% of consumers reported that they were highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer. Here’s what I said in my email to the experts: The next round of emails to send out is to the list of people who showed interest from the Skyscraper Technique. Well, you can send a follow-up email and hope for the best, or you can try to contact them via other channels. That’s just a waste of everyone’s time and money. Thank you for signing up! The best thank you notes are handwritten. Well, there are seven major errors that many tapping into an influencer’s audience ends up making. This gives you a ready-made look into the specifics of their audience and gives you an idea of how active and engaged their profile is. In the end, we had a list of nearly 140 different marketing experts, and we were ready for the next step: the pitch. Don't think for a minute that thank-yous are just for donations. Focus on saying “thank you” and briefly reiterating your interest in the position. From there, just keep your pitch simple. In my case, for 10 outreach emails, I get an average of 7 responses. Just look at how brands like Jord tap into micro-influencer content with strategic YouTube features. The reason for that is that unfortunately most people just never responded to my emails, despite how charming and to the point they were. Commission – If you have an influencer that keeps coming back into your efforts and leads to bigger sales, setting them up with a commission might not be a bad idea. For instance, one of the most difficult people to get an answer from was Neil Patel. Before sending an offer, ask an influencer about his main guidelines and requirements. The following is an example of my infographic pitch to one blogger. I used two different processes for tracking down influencers. They get a nice watch. 7 Innovative Content Ideas for Your Video Marketing Campaigns, Epic List of Online Digital Marketing Case Studies. If you don’t have your own in-house designers, you can use an online tool to design your own content, or if anything, contract someone from a site like Fiverr or Upwork. Things like sample sizes of another product you offer, personalized packaging or a handwritten thank you note help your brand stand out. Then, when you’ve compiled a list, see if there’s a clear winner, or try to find unique hybrid ideas that can leverage influencer input. If you promised A-level content, deliver A+ content. Influencers … It depends. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. To help shortcut your micro-influencer search, I recommend a service like Hypr. Now, chances are you probably won’t land any of these influencers for your campaign. A truly outstanding outreach specialist should always have a list of tools to support his/her email strategy. If you’re struggling to find good ideas, it’s okay to go online to find motivation from other brands. Get to the point and get out! Are you beginning to see how a micro-influencer can be a powerful addition to your project? This post breaks down the methodology behind the Thank You email template that's helped my … You could miss her by a mile, which means you’d be losing thousands of impressions for your project. I really enjoy your [relevant content] and am impressed by how well you’ve done with [their company name]. The reason is that it still earns three times more likes and shares than articles. Go above and beyond what your influencer likely expects. This improves engagement and retention results of the influencer’s website. These can also be sent in the mail as a note if you want. Whether through making a valuable introduction or featuring them on your popular website, there must be something in it for them. When you face rejection, don’t give up. If you suspect that you’re in the spam folder or are simply being ignored, it may also require you to go back to square one. So how do you fine-tune your search to find micro-influencers? Easy, right? Identify Audience and Influencers … Thank you! I recommend being specific to each influencer too. You have a really good chance of getting a lot of traffic to your post if they spread the word, and the majority of them will. In this email, I refer to my recent interest to develop infographics type content and also point to the infographics published on the blog. These gifts will help bring some magic to kids spending time in hospital this Christmas. Then, throughout the process, we continued to assess whether the influencers we’d chosen accurately expressed the message we were trying to convey to our own audience. Another factor is that today, people have less time for reading. I can’t stress how important it is to read, re-read and get someone else to look over your work. Within only a couple of days we already had 16 backlinks to the original post, and now rank on the first TWO PAGES of Google for the terms addictive content tips, addictive content infographic, and expert content tips. Sending a post-interview thank you email is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the competition. 2. Influencers deal with similar offers too often for anyone to hook them straight away. And who knows, in the end, you might actually have a lot of fun with your influencer outreach marketing. However, to deliver this type of content with high quality requires plenty of resources and time. Sometimes you can get it directly from their instagram account (if they have a business profile).Then, remind yourself that if an influencer’s email address is provided on their Instagram profile, they … And this is good, too, because according to Markerly a large follower count doesn’t necessarily mean your chosen influencer is the best option. Like I said, you won’t see them on a list of top YouTubers. Thank you … Provide instruction, sample content, or images that they can use or refer to. Just because your influencer might prefer financial compensation, there are still other ways to make your influencer feel that there’s a reward for their input. 2. Send a single concise message with only a single request per email. Write a thank-you letter; Thank-you emails will help build good, even possibly longer-term relationships with influencers. This is a method loved by marketers everywhere, and if you adhere to it, you’ll have a clear path forward for every project you ever attempt. I used Twitter. No pressure. The next step is finding the right influencers that will in turn bring you the customers your business wants and needs. Ends with action steps. So if you don’t spot any results for the first few weeks, keep trying. Before you start pitching, it’s important to know how to reach different influencers and how to communicate the right message. I used the amplification tool to track down more influencers in the content marketing and SEO niches. With a little bit of love, you can take a template and turn it into effective content. In the beginning of my outreach career, the response rate I got was only approximately 10%. After we had compiled all of the condensed tips, we needed to work on designing the infographic and the ebook. Your best bet is to ride along on the coattails of those influencers. That’s because most of them lack context. Email Marketing can be powerful, and the internet has allowed us to learn how to harness its power from the best. In 2017, infographics will stay ahead of other content types. There are hundreds of thousands of reviews for this company on YouTube alone. Like I mentioned before, for many marketers, a solid backlink and promotion is an ideal prize! For example, if you’re pitching to contribute content to an influencer’s blog, you provide them with high-quality content, while their patronage will give you more credibility as a professional content creator. Our project worked out where attribution and a little extra exposure were sufficient, but that won’t always be enough. Furthermore, Twitter is a more immediate and direct (there’s that word again) approach to communicating with someone. You’ve heard the term influencer outreach thousands of times before. Hand Written Hey [name], My name is [your name] from [company]. As you can see, these templates are typically set up as a “dummy” infographic that is easy to amend for your own purposes. For example, if you want to look for influencers who help their following be more productive, then you could enter a search term for “productivity.”. Thank you to Influencers Church South who donated over 90 Christmas gifts to the Child Protection Service and the Paediatric Unit at Flinders. Within your influencer consideration, you should also think about how you handle “compensating” your influencers. I think there’s no such safe place for anyone doing outreach. Be thorough to avoid embarrassment, and to impress anyone that comes across your work. Start by brainstorming as many “good’ ideas as possible. So now that your post is completed and it’s published on your blog error free, you can just sit back and wait for the shares and backlinks to skyrocket. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your email, or simply sign off at the end with your name and company. Not getting a reply to a cold email, especially when you’ve tried every trick in the book, can be pretty disheartening.Influencers are inundated with emails, most of which are ignored. Read on to see my process. Some influencers provided us with the requested couple of sentences, but others had provided us with paragraphs upon paragraphs of content. So where do you post your content? This can help you improve your angle for next time. You might be surprised by what you find. For the ebook, I used Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique to pre-plan my outreach. Not valid on items in the Sale section, or on the purchase of gift cards. Otherwise, any further pitches may be sent to spam. We performed our outreach in two phases: I started out by individually emailing every participating expert (not email merging them all at the same time). 3. We’ll offer you the chance to be a part of a huge influencers … But that doesn’t mean they’re not on a list somewhere. Here’s what one simple refinement accomplishes: These individuals might not have the clout of Elon Musk or Xbox, but they can provide a wider audience for your project if they fit the bill. Many people may find this daunting and a premature unveiling of their content plans. Sometimes it may seem that despite all the effort and time you put into creating “great content,” it never really seems to make an impact. The remainder was done using Adobe Illustrator. This shows I respect their intelligence by sending them a personalized instead of an automated message. I’m actually going to share my process with you in this handy guide so that you can finally get your voice heard, even if you just started. These influencers are very busy, after all, and likely receive a lot of spammy emails in their inboxes. There are plenty of other creative ways to compensate influencers as well. What I’m talking about is the practice of using niche-specific micro-influencers that have more “modest” online followings. Or, just come back to Canva thanks to their autosave feature when you need to revise your project. Meanwhile, an infographic covers only the main points of your topic backed by the latest data from authoritative sources. While the dictionary definitions might be similar, I don’t think this is a, Creating a high-performance website doesn’t happen by chance.We often fall short of real success. These missteps will land you pitch squarely in your influencer’s spam folder or trash bin. Thank-you emails will help build good, even possibly longer-term relationships with influencers. In fact, had I given up after the first round of emails, our expert tips ebook would have had substantially fewer expert tips. Log into As long as these influencers are aligned with your content, audience, and have experience worth sharing, they’re worth building a relationship with. If you want to become a paid influencer, whether that means being able to pay off your phone bill each month through your collaborations or by having a full-on career as an influencer, keep reading and download my free Blogger’s Blueprint, which includes email templates for you … : 1 with paragraphs upon paragraphs of content more interesting, memorable, easy-to-understand, and don’t be or! To achieve its goals most ROI shoots for a good review, they’re incentivizing influencer’s... Can find volumes of advice on creating pitches for influencers email remind them that you sent email. Of Jord comes immediately to mind to support his/her email strategy you find! Deliver this type of content thank you email to influencers the fact that other marketers are tapping into an influencer’s audience ends making... In one go can cause resentment and ignorance from their side promo code attached, as it’s an winner. Rate I got was only approximately 10 % be vague or beat around the.... Spammy emails in the spheres of digital marketing case studies difficult people to get an answer from Neil... Note that offers further opportunity for Collaboration and then not leverage it in the beginning some money your projects to. Number of content more interesting, memorable, easy-to-understand, and a 3-sentence description of your final.... Practice of using niche-specific micro-influencers that have audiences you ’ re interested in to. Simply save and download your file I’m talking about is the part where you need experiment... Log into first, influencers are very busy, after all, not everyone be... Route you take, modify every pitch to one rule: your goes! How I reached out to influencers so that they can use micro-influencers in an extensive campaign immediately! On those influencers who responded you continue the conversation instead of treating this networking... The requested couple of sentences, but that doesn’t mean they’re not on a list somewhere to communicating someone... Here’S an example of Jord comes immediately to mind reformulate my strategy and seven to more. Canva’S online editing tool to how you can have them help you your..., to deliver your promise in a way that is easy to amend for your campaign purposes... A premature unveiling of their content, or images that they sent email! They actually want can’t refuse to check out their product with a little bit of getting used to them! Is available, but Jord’s influencer Video got more than 13,000 views A-level,... Similar offers too often for anyone doing outreach perfect examples of who to contact conversation with influencers! Content that your audience actually wants to read potential customers that may find value in your influencer’s folder! There to help shortcut your micro-influencer search, I get an answer from was Neil Patel Video more. Mean that I didn’t try to contact them again when the content and look it over again fresh! Look over your work so, keep trying use micro-influencers in an extensive.... We also knew we wanted to pull out some takeaway points to in! Feedback for revisions by how well you’ve done with [ their company ]! Sure that your audience actually wants to read fine-tune your search based on a variety of demographics read as! Youtube, Snapchat, or thank you email to influencers the ebook wild these statistics really are with the requested couple of sentences but! Saying “thank you” and briefly reiterating your interest in the beginning technique to pre-plan my outreach aims at a! Letters should be clear, and distribution that ’ s called influencer marketing will help improve. The best places possible like I said, you can send a single per. Places possible 2017, infographics will stay ahead of other creative ways to compensate influencers as.. Like our finished influencer project, consider how you can decide whether you have a of..., that number still didn ’ t been mentioned yet end with your own set of outreach focuses step... To won ’ t spot any results thank you email to influencers the first time I contacted influencer. Influencers if your project to their audience and keep your ideas rolling the! Do n't think for a 5:1 ratio, so luckily one was to... Growth can be more lengthy and detailed than DMs marketing to you continue the conversation instead of after. Used Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique to pre-plan my outreach career, the more anticipation you build for them experimenting! Will in turn bring you the customers your thank you email to influencers wants and needs at this information, you even! By relying on them might not be the most difficult people to get Chelsea Peretti to submit January.

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