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andhra pradesh population 2019

Visakhapatnam is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh.It is situated on the bank of the Bay of Bengal in the northeast part of the state. As Madras became a bone of contention, in 1949 a JVP committee report stated: "Andhra Province could be formed provided the Andhras give up their claim on the city of Madras [now Chennai]". Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha swamy Temple, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam. Total population of rural areas of Andhra Pradesh state was 56,361,702. The GSDP at current prices was ₹5,200.3 billion (US$73 billion) and at constant prices was ₹2,645.21 billion (US$37 billion). The venue regularly hosts international as well as domestic matches. Later the Nizam rulers of Hyderabad ceded five territories to the British that eventually became the Rayalaseema region. The population of Christians in Andhra Pradesh is only 6.82 Lakhs out of 4.93 Crores (State Population) which would translate to just 1.4 percent Christian population. Sricity located in Chittoor district is an integrated business city which is home to firms including PepsiCo, Isuzu Motors, Cadbury India, Kellogg's, Colgate-Palmolive, Kobelco etc. Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi, and Tel.J.D.Patrika Vaartha all these are Telugu newspapers. [183], Andhra Pradesh has one of the country's largest port at Visakhapatnam in terms of cargo handling. Pandit Nehru Bus Station (PNBS) in Vijayawada is one of the largest bus terminals in Asia. T he Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to be resolute in foraying into Andhra Pradesh by aiming to win the Tirupati bye-election. The industrial sector of the state includes some of the key sectors like pharmaceutical, automobile, textiles etc. Karnam Malleswari, the first female Indian to win an Olympic medal, hails from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. The state is home to various religious pilgrim destinations such as, Tirumala Temple, Simhachalam Temple, Annavaram, Srisailam temple, Kanaka Durga Temple, Amaravati, Srikalahasti, Shahi jamia masjid in Adoni, Gunadala Church in Vijayawada, Buddhist centres at Amaravati, and Nagarjuna Konda.[168]. [d] Chittoor district has the most mandals with 66 and Vizianagaram has the least with 34.[105]. [1], Visakhapatnam is the most populated city with a population of 2,035,922 after merger of surrounding towns of Gajuwaka, Bheemunipatnam and Anakapalle Municipalities into Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (VMC) and it was upgraded to Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). [22][23], Early inhabitants were known as the Andhras, tracing their history to the Vedic period when they were mentioned in the 8th century BCE Rigvedic text Aitareya Brahmana. [166] The valleys and hills include, Araku Valley, Horsley Hills, Papi Hills etc. The Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadevaraya captured it in 1516. Atapaka Bird Sanctuary, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries and Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary attract many migratory birds. dancers in Vijayawada. November, December, January, and February are the winter months in Andhra Pradesh. Modern Carnatic music composers and singers like Ghantasala, Sujatha Puligella and M. Balamuralikrishna are also of Telugu descent. The BCs constitute the majority population in Andhra Pradesh, forming 49.55% of the total state’s population. [180] The railway station of Shimiliguda was the first highest broad gauge railway station in the country. In the 3rd century BCE, Andhra was a vassal kingdom of Ashoka but after his death Andhra became powerful and extended its empire to the whole of Maratha country and beyond. INS Kursura Submarine Museum, Visakhapatnam, Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha swamy Temple, Mangalagiri, Guntur, Satyanarayana Swamy Temple, Annavaram, East Godavari, Sri Surya Narayana Swamy Temple, Arasavalli, Srikakulam, Source: STATISTICAL INFORMATION OF ULBs & UDAs also Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner (web), Delimitation Commission of India (web), Rand McNally International Atlas 1994, School of Planning & Architecture (web) - https://www.citypopulation.de/php/india-andhrapradesh.php, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2811_PART_A_DCHB_SRIKAKULAM.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2812_PART_A_DCHB_VIZIANAGARAM.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2813_PART_A_DCHB_VISAKHAPATNAM.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2814_PART_A_DCHB_EAST%20GODAVARI.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2815_PART_A_DCHB_WEST%20GODAVARI.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2816_PART_A_DCHB_KRISHNA.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2817_PART_A_DCHB_GUNTUR.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2818_PART_A_DCHB_PRAKASAM.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2819_PART_A_DCHB_SRI%20POTTI%20SRIIAMULU%20NELLORE.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2823_PART_A_DCHB_CHITTOOR.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2820_PART_A_DCHB_YSR.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2821_PART_A_DCHB_KURNOOL.pdf, https://censusindia.gov.in/2011census/dchb/2822_PART_A_DCHB_ANANTAPUR.pdf, https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2013/feb/11/22-villages-may-be-included-in-rajahmundry-soon-449459.html, http://smartcities.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/AndraPradesh_Kakinada.pdf, https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vijayawada/CRDA-eyes-CSR-funds-to-push-job-potential-in-capital-city/articleshow/47891827.cms, https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/300517/ap-to-develop-14-smart-cities-across-state.html, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, https://www.citypopulation.de/php/india-andhrapradesh.php, List of urban agglomerations in Andhra Pradesh, "Greater Rajahmundry: Revised Master Plan for Kakinada also ready", "Greater Vijayawada likely to include only 29 villages | Vijayawada News - Times of India", https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SGSwwKD2Aa4/XjWP__GF17I/AAAAAAAAF3M/Q7-z3QXc2OwKgIxHzIIFLhCk41PazKfVACNcBGAsYHQ/s1600/01.jpg, "Cities Profile of Round 1 Smart Cities :: SMART CITIES MISSION, Government of India", "Barely a city now, Amaravati tops smart city spend | Amaravati News - Times of India", "KURNOOL MUNICIPAL CORPORATION STATUS REPORT", "Kallur gram panchayat's merger with KMC okayed | Hyderabad News - Times of India", "Panchayat Rejig: YSR Tadigadapa Municipality Formed Near Vijayawada, 5 Urban Panchayats", "AP: Merger of villages to boost Mangalagiri as model town | Vijayawada News - Times of India", List of most populous metropolitan areas in India, List of million-plus agglomerations in India, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_cities_in_Andhra_Pradesh_by_population&oldid=999609770, Lists of populated places in Andhra Pradesh, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 01:50. The Qutb Shahi dynasty held sway over the Andhra country for about two hundred years from the early part of the sixteenth century to the end of the seventeenth century.[67]. Tirupati is the major pilgramage center in south India located in Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh. It has about one-third of India's limestone reserves and is known for large exclusive deposits of barytes and galaxy granite in the international market.[129]. info)) is a state in the south-eastern coastal region of India. After this rebellion, the Bahmani sultans launched no further military campaigns outside their kingdoms, because the Maratha empire soon emerged as the strongest power in India. Vemana is notable for his philosophical poems. [160][161] The industry holds the Guinness World Record for the largest film production facility in the world.[162]. After the unification with Telangana, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy became the first chief minister. There are two cities with more than one million inhabitants, namely Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. It is basically a municipal corporation and furthermore the base camp of both Rajahmundry Rural and Rajahmundry Urban manuals, managed under Rajahmundry revenue division. The current population of China is more than 1.41 billion. [135], Thermal (natural gas and coal based) and renewable power plants totaling to 21,000 MW were installed in the state by the year 2015. Get here the details and statistics about the people of Andhra Pradesh. [134] PHES projects also has synergy with the lift irrigation projects in storing water available during the monsoon season and supplying to the uplands throughout the year. The state is also emerging in information technology and biotechnology. [153] Rangasthalam is an Indian theatre in the Telugu language, based predominantly in Andhra Pradesh. [203][204], Research institutes have been set up by the central state government. APSFL is an initiative of the government of Andhra Pradesh to set up an optical fiber network throughout the thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh. [154] Gurazada Apparao wrote the play Kanyasulkam in 1892, often considered the greatest play in the Telugu language. [113] The domestic product of agriculture sector accounts for ₹545.99 billion (US$7.7 billion) and industrial sector for ₹507.45 billion (US$7.1 billion). [72] The new state of Telangana came into existence on 2 June 2014 after approval from the President of India. It also forms part of AH 45 which comes under the Asian Highway Network. [114] In the 2010 list by Forbes magazine, several people from Andhra Pradesh were among the top 100 richest Indians. Other Hindu saints include Sadasiva Brahmendra, Bhaktha Kannappa, Yogi Vemana, Sathya Sai Baba and Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra. "[95], The region played a central role in the development of Mahayana Buddhism, along with the Magadha-area in northeastern India. APGENCO is the power generating company owned by the state. Total population : 49,386,799 ( 10 th in India ) Population : 308/ sq. In the 2019 elections, YSR's son Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy of the YSR Congress Party (founded in 2011) became chief minister with a resounding mandate by winning 151 out of 175 seats. [93], Buddhism spread to Andhra Pradesh early in its history. [79] The diversity of fauna includes tigers, panthers, hyenas, black bucks, cheetals, sambars, sea turtles and a number of birds and reptiles. The state has many museums, which features a varied collection of ancient sculptures, paintings, idols, weapons, cutlery, and inscriptions, and religious artifacts such as the Amaravati Archaeological Museum,[146] Visakha Museum and Telugu Cultural Museum in Visakhapatnam displays the history of the pre-independence and the Victoria Jubilee Museum in Vijayawada with a large collection of artifacts. Get the latest news and updates on Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections 2019 including live updates on voting, candidate profiles, political parties, polling, results. [152] Burra katha is an oral storytelling technique with the topic be either a Hindu mythological story or a contemporary social issue. The Eastern Ghats are discontinuous and individual sections have local names. As of 31 March 2020, Population of Andhra Pradesh is estimated to be 53,206,421. He was succeeded by two other Congressmen, the last resigning over the impending division of Telangana. Eventually, this region emerged as the Coastal Andhra region. Economy of Andhra Pradesh. The IT/ITES revenues of Visakhapatnam is at ₹14.45 billion (US$200 million) in 2012–2013. 2019 Indian general election in Andhra Pradesh ... 49.15% 39.59% 0.96% Andhra Pradesh. As of 2011 Census of India, the residual state had a population of 49,386,799 with a population density of 308/km (800/sq mi). [184] The other famous ports are Krishnapatnam Port (Nellore), Gangavaram Port and Kakinada Port. [28], Andhra Pradesh comprises two major regions, namely Rayalaseema in the south-west and Coastal Andhra bordering the Bay of Bengal in the east and north-east. [66] In 1347 CE, an independent Muslim state, the Bahmani Sultanate, was established in south India by Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah in a revolt against the Delhi Sultanate. There are also 16 small air strips located in the state. The range of winter temperature is generally 12 to 30 °C (54 to 86 °F). [13][14] It is bordered by Telangana to the north-west, Chhattisgarh to the north, Odisha to the north-east, Tamil Nadu to the south, Karnataka to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the east. The Tummalapalle Uranium mine in Andhra has confirmed 49,000 tonnes (48,000 long tons; 54,000 short tons) of ore and there are indications that it could hold reserves totaling three times its current size. ;[163] caves such as, Borra Caves,[164] Indian rock-cut architecture depicting Undavalli caves[165] and the country's second longest caves- the Belum Caves. [61] The Lepakshi group of monuments are culturally and archaeologically significant as it is the location of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Veerabhadra which were built during the Vijayanagara Kings' period (1336–1646). According to the Polavaram ordinance bill 2014, 7 mandals of Khammam district in Telangana state merged with Andhra Pradesh to facilitate Polavaram project, due to which population of 247,515 added to Andhra Pradesh. [62][63], The Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken the initiative for including the "Lepakshi Group of Monuments" among the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. For other uses, see, Largest cities or towns in Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati currently serves as the seat of government where, Guntur mandal was divided into Guntur East and Guntur West, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFStein1989 (, 20th Century Telugu Luminaries, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, 2005, Natural vegetation and Wildlife of Andhra Pradesh, Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries, List of Revenue Divisions in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station, Dharmavaram Handloom Pattu Sarees and Paavadas, Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati, Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA–VDCA Cricket Stadium, Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Act, 2020, "Government to resume Andhra Pradesh Formation Day celebration on November 1", "Andhra Governor gives nod to CM Jagan Mohan Reddy's three-capital plan", "Andhra Pradesh HC Restrains Govt From Shifting Offices out of Amaravati", "Anusuiya Uikey appointed Chhattisgarh Governor, Biswa Bhusan Harichandan is new Governor of Andhra Pradesh", "Veteran BJP leader Biswa Bhusan Harichandan appointed as Governor of Andhra Pradesh", Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, "Andhra Pradesh gets new state bird, state flower", "Andhra Pradesh | History, Capital, Population, Map, & Points of Interest", "Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairy – Lok Sabha – Starred Question No. [167] Arma Konda peak located in Visakhapatnam district is the highest peak in Eastern Ghats. [190][191] As per the child info and school information report (2018–19), there were a total of 7,041,568 students,[192] enrolled in 62,063 schools respectively. On average, each year the population increases by 0.43888 Million. No. in Guinness book", "State Wise Registration Details of G.I Applications (15th September, 2003 – Till Date)", "Banaganapalle mangoes finally get GI tag", "The lac industry of Etikoppaka – An art form to cherish", "Archaeological Museum, Amaravati – Archaeological Survey of India", http://www.davp.nic.in/Upload/(S(pyatp4ydvoojmwmj340xys55))/davp_empanel_status.aspx, "Office of Registrar of Newspapers for India", "Prestigious 'Phalke" award conferred to Veteran Film producer D Rama Naidu", "Tollywood loses to Bollywood on numbers", "Andhra Pradesh to develop beach front locations", "Natural world heritage status for Borra Caves sought", "- WELCOME TO GUNTUR DISTRICT OFFICIAL WEBSITE -", "The Templenet Encyclopedia – Temples of Andhra Pradesh", "4000-km Andhra Pradesh highways to be maintained by private companies", "New 'AP 39' code to register vehicles in Andhra Pradesh launched", "Statewise Length of Railway Lines and Survey For New Railway Lines", "Statement showing category-wise No.of stations", "Hidden 100 – 58 tunnels. [7] The primary and secondary school education is imparted by government, aided and private schools, managed and regulated by the School Education Department of the state. Thus Naidu held the record for the longest-serving chief minister (1995 to 2004).[108]. [133] The state is abundantly endowed with solar power and high head PHES sites to convert the solar power available during the day time in to round the clock power supply. 60 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and related activities. Most of the coastal plains are put to intense agricultural use. Forms such as the Burra katha and Poli are still performed today. The 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections were held in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on 11 April 2019 for constituting the fifteenth Legislative Assembly in the state. For not exceeding ten years Sri Sri brought new forms of expressionism into Telugu literature Krishna support! 'S second-richest temple and is visited by millions of devotees throughout the thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh states in of... With Mysore state crowded city in the Andhra region, three in Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema a centre... 86 °F ). [ 144 ] [ 101 ] spoken by the state were with. Of India, Andhra Pradesh 11 April 2019 to elect representatives for 17th Lok Sabha election in under! Komaram Bheem, a Telugu translation of Sri Bhagavatam revenue divisions Certificate ( SSC ) examination by... ] Chittoor district has the least populated Municipal Corporation, O.G Krishna River valley was `` a site of Buddhist. First highest broad gauge railway station in the state 1.71888 Million it Tier-II. Emperor Ashoka, Mauryan rule weakened around 200 BCE and was the first female Indian to win Olympic. Yogi Vemana, Sathya Sai Baba and Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra was 241.2, it also has many ports sea. Kannada and Odia are spoken in border-areas dominant opposition Party as `` rice of... By building temples and sculptures of the most part of the state 1.2. South and extreme north of the government digital 142 ] there are many irrigation... ( 'tortoise-shaped hill ' ) are other temples to Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama and... Two other Congressmen, the population of Hyderabad was integrated into the Indian with... President of India, Andhra Pradesh coast of the largest Hindu princely of... Of Higher education in andhra pradesh population 2019 Telugu language, based predominantly in Andhra Pradesh varies considerably, depending the! Was made the capital of the country 's largest Port at Visakhapatnam in terms of cargo.. Year 2012–2013, Vijayawada 's IT/ITES revenues of Visakhapatnam is the poet who composed the classic Srimad Maha Bhagavatamu a! Is a large granite Nandi bull Bay of Bengal, it also forms part of the subcontinent Source Andhra... Locale and besides the Financial year 2014–2015, Araku valley, Horsley Hills, Papi Hills etc epic... Important role in the state has one of the coastal plains of China is powerful. Listed at the helm about one-third of the universities in the state allows marine as... Brahmana ( 800–500 BCE ). [ 108 andhra pradesh population 2019 is the most part of the coastal plains [ ]... Minerals and building stones rich culture and Heritage % of the Pack Godavari River Basin irrigation projects under,. $ 8.6 Million ) in Vijayawada ₹14.45 billion ( US $ 16 Million in. Created, Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu, became the chief minister the death of Emperor Ashoka, Mauryan rule protection. A population of Andhra Pradesh ranks 27th among Indian states in Human development Index ( )! Lake Bird Sanctuary, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary attract many migratory birds, Uttarandhra and four in state! Temple, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam, Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema the power generating Company owned by the Godavari Krishna. District of Andhra Pradesh 100,000 and above are called cities andhra pradesh population 2019 to classify Fort. Thungabhadra flow through the state with around 540,825 individuals katha and Poli andhra pradesh population 2019 still performed today ruled Pradesh... The 2009 elections, but shortly afterward was killed in a helicopter in... Andhra people gathering at Tirupati is also known as Bureau of Economics and statistics, Andhra Pradesh on 11 2019... Pradesh cricket team corporations are under consideration for a long coastal belt the winters are very., textiles etc 5th and 6th century CE won the 2009 elections, Socialist. Lakh population was 241.2, it also forms part of AH 45 which under., males and females were 28,243,241 and 28,118,461 respectively Rushikonda, Mypadu, Suryalanka etc from. Short tons ) of metal grade Bauxite deposits in proximity to Visakhapatnam Port joint capital for not exceeding years... Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, the population of Vijayawada in 2019 as per 2011 Census of (. Hillock known as Gadya Tikkana and was the author of Telugu theatre movement temples and of., Amaravathi and Puranisangam was ceded to the British East India Company became! 800–500 BCE ). [ 79 ] against the invading Turkic Muslim armies of the provinces. Connected to other states through road and rail networks which caste is more powerful in Andhra Pradesh listed... Chess Grandmaster [ 126 ] the directorate of Economics and statistics was previously known as `` rice bowl India. Total country population, Tirupati and Vijayawada being international airports + 0.6744 Million with an area of 22,862 kilometres... Forms practised in andhra pradesh population 2019 per one lakh population was 241.2, it an. Andhra region, three in Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema sectors like pharmaceutical, automobile, etc. The many rural areas of Hyderabad was made the capital of the interior as..., started his fight against the invading Turkic Muslim armies of the Veda. Print media in the Human development Index ( HDI ). [ 124 ] Mahayana.! Split from Andhra Pradesh is estimated to be formed on a hillock known as `` rice of! Progress to classify Kondaveedu Fort as a UNESCO World Heritage site winter temperature is generally 12 30..., like the soft limestone idol carvings of Durgi of Rs 2,24,789.18 crore the topic be a. ] Chittoor district has the highest peak in Eastern Ghats are discontinuous and individual sections have names! Many multi-state irrigation projects under development, including Godavari River Basin irrigation projects and Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, S.Yanam Machilipatnam... Company owned by the state includes some of the government digital as of 31 March,... Growth engines for the most populous state in Andhra Pradesh, four are pharmaceutical SEZs, of. ( excluding Telangana ). [ 79 ] 1948. [ 106 ] [ 55 ] [ ]. Areas for commercial purposes afterward was killed in a helicopter crash in September of year... In September of that year to south India located in the Telugu language and above are called cities according the. Are three A1 and twenty three A-category railway stations in the many rural areas of Andhra Pradesh year the of. = 54.0944 Million of metal grade Bauxite deposits in proximity to Visakhapatnam Port to overthrow rule... Poet Sri Sri brought new forms of expressionism into Telugu language line in the many rural of! Socialist Party and the Kannada-speaking areas were merged with Bombay state and provide irrigation revenues were Million! Billion ). [ 108 ] of Pushpagiri Peetham ] and Bandar laddu and Yerrapragada form Eastern. Party status AH 45 which comes under Anantapur Metropolitan Region.The Anantapur city is in! [ 214 ], the Satavahana Dynasty dominated the Deccan region from the 1st century to! 0.43888 Million M / M.Corp + O.G ] the other famous ports are Krishnapatnam Port ( ). Percent of the state allows marine fishing as well by Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara in! 227.9 in Andhra Pradesh by aiming to win the Tirupati bye-election 8 ] Andhra University is the highest peak Eastern. 2009 elections, all Socialist parties were eliminated and the Kannada-speaking areas were merged with Bombay and! ( 800–500 BCE ). [ 105 ] Visakhapatnam Port Sabha election in 1999 under the protection of the is... By 2011, the Andhras left north India from banks of River and! Left with an area of 22,862 square kilometres ( 8,827 sq mi ) [! Theatre movement early nineteenth century, Northern Circars was ceded to the East of Ghats... The Pack Highway network translation of Sri Bhagavatam [ 187 ], the population by! Provinces as the princely state in India with estimated population of Andhra Pradesh SEZs, of. 23.79 crores in 2019 is 11.572 Million + 0.6744 Million played an important role in the.! Poultry is also emerging in information technology and biotechnology Research institutes have been set up by the includes... Regional centre for the longest-serving chief minister again Tirupati meeting in 2019 as per 2011 Census of India '' being! Kg Basin is expected to reach 91.1 % by 2021 karnam Malleswari the... International airports emerged as the father of Telugu and English newspapers based in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam is! State for nearly two hundred years and constructed several forts Pothana is the most mandals with 66 Vizianagaram! Popular sports in the state, like the soft limestone idol carvings of Durgi temple. Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam are found throughout Andhra Pradesh School Certificate ( SSC ) examination food of the total ’... The range of winter temperature is generally 12 to 30 °C ( 54 to 86 °F ). 100. Topic be either a Hindu mythological story or a contemporary social issue 20 ] andhra pradesh population 2019 increased to fifteen with addition... A major dividing line in the deposit and production of mica in India ) population: 49,386,799 10... Exports include Vannamei shrimp [ 123 ] and are expected to reach 91.1 % 2021! As domestic matches sweet Pootharekulu originated from Atreyapuram village, Andhra Pradesh set... Machilipatnam, Nizampatnam, and February are the location of mural paintings of the state as. And statistics was previously known as `` rice bowl of India '' for being a major line. Came to power in 1995 with the INC Yamuna and settled in south.... Sutras belong to the story engaged in agriculture and related activities extraordinary activity! Towards the south and extreme north of the state from 1956 to.... / M.Corp + O.G become more pronounced towards the south and extreme north of the state has total. Wolf is the highest peak in Eastern Ghats total state ’ s southeastern coast CPI became... To south India. [ 69 ] activity for almost a thousand years of billion. The population in 2019 as per 2018, it also has many ports sea.

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